Whether this is your first investment property or you are wanting to expand your property portfolio, we can help

Investments - Dixon Mortgages

At Dixon Mortgages we pride ourselves in giving the best investment advice as we walk the talk and are actively investing in the NZ Property Market! Being property investors ourselves we have a good idea on how to smash the financial goals you have set out to achieve and help you get closer to financial freedom that everyone craves.


Rental properties are a fantastic way to build your assets and grow your investment portfolio but getting finance for an investment property is quite different to purchasing your own home.


Firstly The LVRs are higher than purchasing your home. currently main bank lenders are 30% deposit. However, there are alternative second tier lenders that offer deposits as low as 20%.


Two factors that make an investment property successful are

1.  The value of your property increases over time.
2. The income from letting your property covers all costs and leaves you with a profit

Call us to discuss potential investment deals or if you want a meeting to work out a plan on how to build your property portfolio. We know all the tricks to be able to get you to that position a lot quicker!