Mortgage Calculator

Use the calculator below to help work out your loan repayments

Ok, you’ve used the mortgage calculator and are comfortable with your repayments. How do you go about actually getting a mortgage?


Your next step is to contact us to negotiate with different banks to secure your mortgage. Sure, you can approach banks directly and negotiate yourself. But, there are a whole heap of benefits to using a mortgage broker. The top 4 are:


  • Mortgage brokers will negotiate the lowest interest rate possible with each bank, which will save you money. A 0.1% decrease in interest rate from 4% to 3.9% on a 30 year $500,000 mortgage will save you $10,333 over the life of your home loan


  • Your mortgage broker will also make sure you get the lending you want. They’ll work with different banks to see which ones will actually lend to you … not every bank is going to approve your mortgage. Their job is to get you the funds you’re after


  • A mortgage broker will project manage the process of getting your mortgage. They’ll chase you up if you haven’t completed a task and will make sure the whole process works


  • Best of all, mortgage brokers don’t cost you anything, because they are paid a commission from the bank.


If you’re not ready to get a mortgage yet and want to learn more, then get in touch and we can help guide you with everything you need to know in order to get a mortgage.